Understanding and Controlling the Chakras with Meditation and Yoga Postures

Workshop v. Ananda Marga Yoga
Fredag kl. 16.00 – 17.45 i Lokale 1 – stuen

Why leave your Chakras in someone else’s hands?

Using a combination of meditation and yoga postures we can understand and control our own Chakras, enhancing their positive potentialities and minimising their negative potentialities. This science is known as “Bio-Psychology”.

During this workshop the basic principles of Bio-Psychology will be explained along with practices for purifying, strengthening and controlling the Chakras.

Practices include: meditation, chanting and yoga postures.


Ananda Marga Yoga

Manojita (Manuel Montagna), who is a fantastic yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, and Turiiya (Troels Andersen) who is an experienced meditation practitioner as well as an excellent musician and singer (for the chanting).

Both of them have a clear grasp of the topic and they will present it in an interesting, engaging and practically useful manner.