Art of creating energy-paintings and unique opportunities during art therapy, meditation and spiritual practices

Foredrag v. Elena Karlova
Lørdag kl. 15.00 – 15.45 i Lokale 1 i stuen

Elena Karlova will talk about how she creates her amazing energy-paintings and will give recommendations on energy techniques, spiritual practices and unique inffluence and interaction between the power of symbols and colours.

Elena Karlova

Russia. Siberia.

Elena is known for her paintings and mandalas.

Elena works in the unique gilding technique, combining in her works space geometry, authentic style, ornament and incredible energy.

Elena Karlova is also well-known as:
– a popular art therapist,
– the creator of the collection of designer clothes and accessories based on her own works,
– an author and presenter of her own art school.

Elena’s artworks are always symbolic, but the sacral meaning of her paintings is always the same – LOVE.