The 5 Questions. Conscious relationships building technique

Foredrag v. Natalia Yermolenko
lørdag kl. 17.00 – 17.45 i Lokale 1 i stuen

In order to build a strong and happy relationship, you have to give yourself answers for The 5 Questions:
– Who am I?
– Why am I here?
– What do I want?
– Who do I need?
– Who does he/she need?

You will find your answers to these questions right at the lecture going through special techniques of diving deep into yourself. The lecturer will guide you and help you interpret what you get. In the end of the lecture you will be able to ask any additional questions.

Human Antivirus. Getting rid of fears, restricting beliefs, unwanted connections and other mental programs

Minikursus v. Natalia Yermolenko
Søndag kl. 15.00 – 16.45 i Lokale 1 i stuen

There is always a reason why we are where we are. Our fears, restricting beliefs, consequences of the decisions made and other mental programs do not let us be where we want to be. Human antivirus – a mix of the old Slavic method “Cleaning with candle and knife” with modern techniques of work with human subconscious – lets us not only diagnose all spheres of life of the client, but also clean, change and get new resources for happiness and success. One volunteer will be diagnosed and cleaned as a model during the workshop, others are welcome to work in the created field. The workshop may be interesting for those who want to ascend to a new level of life enjoyment as well as practicing healers to enrich their methods.

Natalia Yermolenko

is a happy 44-year-old Ukrainian woman living in Denmark. Having solved all her issues, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others to get into a higher level of life enjoyment. From a dynasty of healers, she combines traditional techniques with modern methods to get the best and the quickest results. In 2009, she founded a school of women practices, which later became Personal development center RaSvet. She works online worldwide as well as offline in Denmark. She has helped over 2000 people worldwide.

“Every person is unique and I always find the best method for the customer. Normally, 1 hour of work is enough to get to a higher level of life and happiness. I prefer fast results to decades of therapy and always play on my customer’s side.”