Women’s shamanic natural healing

Workshop v. Shaman Celine
Søndag kl. 15.00 – 16.45 i lokale Broen på 1. sal

This unique program, consisting of ancient Women’s shamanic practices, is aimed to heal the ancestral karma of the womb. The Womb is the center of female power. Based on the cosmic law, a woman can get everything she wants if she learns to connect with the Universe with her womb’s help.

Unfortunately, modern women have lost connection with the “source of power” because they have taken on “male” responsibilities – building a career, solving problems themselves, hard work. Only because she is being influenced of the family’s karma, and so she repeats what did all the women in the lineage. The time has come to stop the recurring events and finally begin to live your own destiny, and not according to the fate of another person or even a lineage. It’s time to heal the ancestral karma of the womb!

For centuries, information about the important role of the Lineage in human life has been hidden, and ties with the Lineage destroyed.

Due to different cultural circumstances we know neither our past nor our roots.
Because of the broken ties with our ancestors, we have lost a huge power that gives everything – health, wealth and happiness in family life.

If a tree has its roots cut off, no matter how healthy, beautiful and blooming it is, it simply can’t exist. It will fall down, dry up and die out.

Most lineages have found themselves in the same situation – we do not know our roots and it is very difficult to find them.

That is why we use the unique ability of shamanism to travel in a subtle world and to communicate with the souls of our ancestors in order to restore the energetic power of the lineage and to give a worthy future to our children.

Why the Shaman Celine can help?

Firstly, she possesses ancient primordial knowledge about the structure and interconnection of the world of the present, past and future. It is not by accident that shamanism is called the father of world religions.

Secondly, although nowadays attempts to solve human problems are often unsuccessful, shamans still find missing people, cure deadly diseases and help people solve their personal problems.

Contrary to the superstitions created around shamanism, you will not need to go to the taiga, kill animals and perform incomprehensible ritual actions. The workshop uses science-proven shamanic knowledge and methods of working with our subconscious in the state of trance because it is the most powerful state of our brain that will help you get your life in order.
What awaits you:

  • We will establish a connection with the power of the lineage.
  • We will diagnose the state of the ancestral energy.
  • We will embark on a journey to our ancestors.
  • We will learn how to turn to our ancestors for help and pray for the prosperity of the lineage.
  • We will heal both maternal and paternal lineages.
  • We will learn the ancient healing secrets of health.

Shaman Celine

Discover the transformative power of Celine, the renowned Shaman and Healer, founder of the spiritual school of the Age of Aquarius and Feminine Shamanism.

Known for her extraordinary abilities and direct channel to higher spirits and ancient civilizations, Shaman Celine has changed the lives and destinies of thousands of women across more than 30 countries worldwide. Her unique approach has reunited families, provided healing from ailments, and enabled women to draw their soul’s true essence into their lives, leading to profound happiness and fulfillment.

Celine‘s gifts have been recognized and validated by scientific experiments globally, showcasing her genuine connection to spiritual realms and her ability to effect tangible change.

Whether you’re seeking to heal, find your purpose, or unlock your potential, Celine’s teachings and guidance offer a path to a more enlightened, joyful life.

Experience the magic of Celine‘s work and lift your spirit to new dimensions!