Energetical purification of the womb. Relax meeting. 45 minutes for the feminine soul

Foredrag v. Shaman Celine
Lørdag kl. 11.00 – 11.45 i lokale Broen på 1. sal

We will have a very special & relaxing meeting, in which we will meet the healer Celine, a shaman, a woman of power, a master of Tibetan healing. This meeting can change your life for the better once and for all and give answers to life’s most important questions!

This woman has descended from the mountains, she was never part of this world. Her soul communicates with higher spirits and the angelic plane. She has supernatural clairvoyance, love for all living things, the gift of healing and a very deep wisdom. Her gaze, her word and her touch heal.

When women come together, a healing and nurturing energy emerges. During this evening, in the space of love and relaxation, we will perform a ritual to help our ancestors as a gift from Celine. It will be a ritual for the energetic cleansing of the womb, filling it with health, love and prosperity at the same time.

Cleansing the womb is one of the most effective ways to support and maintain a woman’s body and energy levels. As a physiological organ, the womb is an excellent source of strength and natural energy for a woman, for her partner and for her family. Today, every woman needs this practice to be healthy, to have healthy children and to promote the well-being of her family and her ancestral lineage.

Invite your friends to this meeting. This will multiply the effectiveness of this program for you personally.

We will be able to attract all desires into our lives. To attract the flow of abundance. To be replenished with new energy of harmony and joy and to direct the flow of our lives in the right direction!

We are waiting for you in a circle of open hearts

With our women’s circle, we make the world a happier place

Shaman Celine

Discover the transformative power of Celine, the renowned Shaman and Healer, founder of the spiritual school of the Age of Aquarius and Feminine Shamanism.

Known for her extraordinary abilities and direct channel to higher spirits and ancient civilizations, Shaman Celine has changed the lives and destinies of thousands of women across more than 30 countries worldwide. Her unique approach has reunited families, provided healing from ailments, and enabled women to draw their soul’s true essence into their lives, leading to profound happiness and fulfillment.

Celine‘s gifts have been recognized and validated by scientific experiments globally, showcasing her genuine connection to spiritual realms and her ability to effect tangible change.

Whether you’re seeking to heal, find your purpose, or unlock your potential, Celine’s teachings and guidance offer a path to a more enlightened, joyful life.

Experience the magic of Celine‘s work and lift your spirit to new dimensions!