Fermentation – why we should eat fermented foods on a daily basis

Foredrag v. Georg Poguntke
Lørdag kl. 13.00 – 13.45 i Gunnar Nu 1 – følg de røde pile på gulvet

This lecture gives the audience an overview of the history of different types of fermentation. It further goes into detail to give them the info on the positive features and advantages of fermented Share products and why they need it to get a healthier gut and body.

Georg Poguntke

is COO at Share Company and responsible for structure and process Organization.
After multiple years in the food and beverage industry and having a family background in fermentation of wines and cheeses, he came onboard of Share as one of the first in Europe.
Since then he steadily researched and questioned the processes behind the production of all Share products and established the independent quality control process by international institutes.

In recent years he has built up extensive knowledge of all aspects of share products and can therefore provide answers to many specific questions. Although every individual reacts uniquely to Share products, there are always parallels that can be seen.
Georg sees it – among other things – as his task to accompany and encourage people in the phase of getting to know these unique products.

His credo: not every reaction is pleasant, but every reaction is positive.