Hands-on healing and prayer with sound and silence

Miniworkshop v. Shariananda Borregaard Adamz
Fredag kl. 13.00 – 13.45 i Konferencelokalet på 1. sal – følg de røde pile på gulvet

This 45 minutes will offer spiritual attention for your cares: mind and body. The Oracle will lay hands on and pray for you. (First come, first serve).

Session will include audience group participation We will use familiar common prayers from the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and other spiritual traditions. This includes silence and sound chants.

Come get personal attention to your needs.

Shariananda Borregaard Adamz

Dr. Shariananda Adamz, also known as The Oracle SDiane Adamz-Bogus, lives and works in Copenhagen, but she is originally from California in the United States. Her global work has been certified by Egyptian, East Indian, Native American and therapeutic schools of healing and mysticism.